At MBS Fleet Repair, we want to exceed your expectations.  Customer service and high quality service are our goals.  Here are a few testimonials from our clients.

Lead Clinician Therapeutic Recreation Testimonial

“I am writing this letter of recommendation in support of MBS services and repairs business .  I have been professionally and personally connected with MBS for over 10 years in the  upkeep and maintenance of  a business vehicle, my personal vehicle, my mother’s vehicle and my friends vehicle.  I have for years entrusted MBS for  the care and upkeep of our vehicles I drive.  I have always been very pleased with the service that I have received from MBS.  The Staff at MBS has demonstrated time and time again to be highly dedicated in providing the best service possible to the vehicles I drive.  I can count on them for the preventive care  of oil changes, to tire pressures, ect…to more involved maintenance or specialty such as, maintaining the accessible lift on the Rehab van to run smoothly and not stop working when we need it the most.

Rodney Meece is certified to perform  the department of transportation(DOT) driving assessment for our company, he is always thorough and consistent with his paper work for DOT and for the CARF(certification accreditation of Rehabilitation facilities) surveyors for the Rehabilitation inspections.   I feel so safe knowing that MBS has looked over the vehicles and if he sees something that needs repair he calls with the cost and for the okay to go ahead and fix it.  Or if it can wait till next time he says so.

One night in the company vehicle the Rehabilitation Van I left the lights on, it was  on a Wed. night in the winter.  I called MBS and they came right out to get us up and running again.   One summer day in 2013,  a man and his wife were in their motor home in the hospital parking lot, they were from out of state,  the motor home had a very bad oil leak, and I recommended MBS to come and assist the man to find the leak, MBS came over to assist.

It is my sincere belief that MBS is qualified in the automobile maintenance and repairs business above and beyond others, I trust that when we agree to work on something on the vehicle that MBS follows thru with what we agreed  upon with the utmost integrity and best prices possible.  Knowing that MBS is maintaining the vehicles I drive I feel safe and secure and know that those in my care are also safe in the vehicle they are riding in.
I have and will continue to  recommend him to others, I trust MBS to take care of our vehicles for my family and friends.”

Fran Wehlage, CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist)

Lead Clinician Therapeutic Recreation
Muncie, IN 47304
cell 765-749-3794

Morrison Woods Health Campus Testimonial

“Rodney and his Team are number one in customer service.  We have had the pleasure of working with Rodney for well over a decade now and we find his services to be top notch.  He is always pleasant and accommodating, great at problem solving, timely, conscientious and he and his team have a great work ethic.  We would recommend MBS Serviced and Repair to anyone.”
-Traci & Karyn

MITS Testimonial

“I would like to express , the great service we get when we are in need of a , Braun wheelchair lift part for one of our paratransit vehicles.

Your friendly professional staff are not afraid to go out of the way to help research any problems we may encounter when trying to find a special part / & when ordering parts.

Kudo’s MBS Service!!!!”


Troy Denson


MBS Service has routinely maintained a high level of understanding with both foreign and domestic repairs.  I was particularly impressed with the results of their efforts that left the performance of the car much improved over what I had earlier been pretty satisfied with.  Body work and complex mechanical repair have resulted in my understandable feelings of pride of ownership.  They know what they’re doing and they do  it well.”