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We have gathered the best Lenders we could find. We have Legit Programs for as low as 550 Credit score as well as a No Credit Check Lease Purchase  option. (option 3b)

Tip: Most lenders only pull credit info from 1 of the 3  major reporting agencies if you are denied, but not sure why, Try another option. Multiple Checks  in a small window of time have minimal effect on your report. Multiple checks on separate bureaus will look like only one pull .

Which option Do I Choose?  Options are in order by ease of application process. as well as  credit strictness. 

How Much Money should I request? The average system is around $4500.00 – $5500. However We recommend requesting a minimum of $6500.00. 

Option 1 (0% for 60/mo.) Choose one (Instant decision)

    1A  0%int for 60 months Wells Fargo   70% Approval 

    1B    0%int for 60 months Enerbank   80% Approval   

    1C   0%int for 60 months GreenSky  Fair Credit  

Option 2  ( Same As Cash)  Expecting money soon, but need Air Now?   

     2A Same As Cash Enerbank  Good Credit 700+ 

Option 3 (Lease to Own) Less than Perfect Credit/ No Credit 

        We have gathered the best Lenders we could find. We have Legit Programs for as low as 550 Credit score as well as a No Credit Check Rent to Own option. (option 3b)

3A   YES LOANS by Enerbank

 IF not approved after applying for a traditional Loan through Enerbank , a counter offer utilizing Enerbanks 2nd chance program “Yes Loans” will be extended to you automatically. A Minimum credit score of 550 can get you approved @ 1 flat fixed rate of 17.99% for 60 months ( Maximum Loan amount $15,000.00 You wont find a Better deal . Not all applicants will qualify

Option 3B  No Credit Check

Rent to Own. (best if used as last resort


We have worked very hard to acquire and share with you only the best and most affordable / Gimmick Free Financing . Once approved

Options above have different rates. You are applying to borrow money. As is with all lending institutions Financing is not Free. We will generally quote only a cash price or a cash price plus a finance price.

Actual financed amount may vary from any cash price quoted. Cash price valid only if paying with cash or Cashiers Check

We Know that replacing your system is a major expense.

It doesn’t have to be all at once.

Did you know that replacing your AC with even the minimum base model unit could pay for a large portion of your new monthly payment? Thats right. A New AC unit in most cases can cut your energy consumption by up to 50%

With an average of $40-$60/ mo. off your electric bill, why not apply that savings to the monthly cost of financing a new system.

Financing is through a 3rd party and not Air To Air Mechanical

*Financing is subject to approved credit. See Options Below for details.