Artificial Swarm Intelligence, or simply Swarm AI, connects human groups into emergent systems moderated by AI algorithms modeled on biological swarms. An Artificial Swarm Intelligence of a human population is a “hive mind” and it can achieve superintelligent results and significantly outperform all the individual members who participate.

In nature, swarms of bees have been shown to make decisions by working together as a unified system, significantly amplifying their combined intelligence. The same is true of flocks of birds, colonies of ants, and schools of fish. With that context, most researchers working on AI have been focused on replicating neurological intelligence, building artificial systems that emulate biological neurons and the densely interconnected networks from which intelligence emerges.


swarm.AI is Herman Technologies software as a service based solution that is built on a simple premise that if birds and bees and fish can get so much smarter by thinking together in swarms, the same should hold true for software driven devices. 

  • Auto driven vihacles
  • Drones and UAV’s
  • IoT devices

Our AI Swarm Driven Solutions

  • Pattern tracking and Control
  • Big Data Monitoring and Alerting
  • System quality and connectivity automaiton

SWARM.AI Usecase and Vericals

  • FinTech and Banking
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace

contact: info@herman-technologies.com